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BBQ in India

We had fun last month learning about the char grilling traditions of our friends in Germany – and this week, we venture across the world to India, where the art of BBQ is very much alive among the locals of this diverse region.

Indian BBQ is perhaps best associated with the tandoor – a charcoal burning clay oven used for cooking and baking. Its most popular dish is Tandoori Chicken (of North Indian origin) and is something you can find in most Indian restaurants around the world today. Contrary to popular belief, not every Indian family owns a tandoor – and communal tandoors are quite common in rural places.

Indians are also known to use what is called a sigri – which is basically a small, charcoal grill that sometimes doubles up as a heater during the cold winters. The fuel is usually coal, dried cow dung (yes, it’s true!) or wood. It is most commonly used to grill small items like kebabs, vegetables and small game.

Indians enjoy grilling vegetables and paneer (unaged curd cheese), perhaps even more so than meat as vegetarianism is widely practiced in India. Additionally, many do not eat beef because the cow is a sacred animal in the Hindhu religion.

Tandoori Chicken is a huge favourite among the Heat Beads® team. Why not have a go at Adrian Richardson’s Tandoori Chicken BBQ Recipe today? Not to worry, a tandoor is not needed for this recipe – any charcoal BBQ will do!

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