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BBQ in Germany

BBQ traditions vary across countries, cultures and continents. This week, we explore some of the ways our friends in Germany enjoy the ancient art of cooking with live fire – or grilling – as the Germans like to call it.

It is no surprise that people in Germany love to barbecue. Their favourite time of the year – like most other people – is in the summer (right about now through to August).

Most will grill on hibachis (a compact BBQ unit) or small electric grills. If they are permitted to BBQ on their balconies, they will, or otherwise will adjourn to their local park.

Their favourite meats to barbecue are, of course, their wide variety of local sausages (bratwursts, bierwursts, frankfurter rindswurst, etc.) and steaks (preferably marinated pork steaks).

Germany’s preferred BBQ condiment is mustard and a wide variety is readily available throughout the country. Sweet? Spicy? Whole grain? Creamy? The Germans have it all. Some mustards may even be unique to a certain city or town.

The most popular sauce to complement a grilled sausage in Germany is Curryketchup (curry flavoured ketchup) – put together to form the much loved dish, Currywurst.

And finally, a German BBQ is not complete without their traditional potato salad, which uses an oil/vinegar dressing instead of the usual mayonnaise. Try this German Style Potato Salad BBQ Recipe today.

We know our German readers will have a lot to add to our list above – and we’d love hear from you!