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Back to basics: Onions

Onions come from the same family as chives, leeks, shallots and our favourite smelly ingredient… garlic. It’s long made an appearance on our chargrilled menus as a side or most recently, taken centre stage with much aplomb. Place an onion on the grill and what it does to the taste can only be described as sweet, sweet magic.

Here’s our favourite onion BBQ recipe from Steven Raichlen…

Spit Roast Onions BBQ recipe. According to Steven, this dish was inspired by Fuad Zegaib, the man Steven refers to as one of the pioneers of Brazilian barbecue. He spit roasts the onions until they are a dark golden brown and very tender, and recommends you eat them right out of the skins. De-lish.

P.S. Onions need to live in a cool, dry, well ventilated, dark area of the home/kitchen. Avoid storing onions near other produce as some fruits and vegetables absorb the onion’s flavour.

*Image copyright Molly Watson.