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Thanks to the Australian Barbecue Community

Recently, as most of you will be aware, we have undertaken voluntary recalls of all our Barbecue Starters. Australian Char (manufacturers of the Heat Beads® products) would like to thank the Australian barbecue community for its support, particularly the Australia Barbecue Association (ABBQA) and the Aussie Camp Oven Cooking website. It has been greatly appreciated.

If you’re passionate about your BBQ and camp oven cooking, you can find out more about the ABBQA here or register for the Camp Oven Cooking In Australia forum here.

Also…on the subject of the ABBQA, the President, Chris Girvan-Brown has recently launched his Urban Griller online shop. Here you will find a variety of barbecue accessories and products to suit the needs of all dedicated barbecue enthusiasts, such as made to order Texas Smoker grills, a non-stick Beer Can Chicken smoker and much more.