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St. Martin’s Day BBQ Recipes

As Aussies prepare for another colourful grilling calendar, there’s one not-so-traditional event we always look forward to – St. Martin’s Day. It’s celebrated by our Danish friends on November 11 and is especially important to us here at Heat Beads® Headquarters as we’re exceptionally proud of our presence in beautiful Denmark.

The Danes traditionally dine on duck to celebrate. However, you’ll see below that we’ve tweaked our menu slightly…

Chicken Marinade BBQ Recipe
Remember to cater for the non-duck eaters as well! We’ve included a basic, never-fail marinade that you can essentially use on other meats/poultry in addition to chicken.

Barbecued Duck with Peaches Recipe
We did this one for last St. Martin’s Day and it turned out great. It reminds us again of why duck and peaches work so well together.

Garlic Prawns BBQ Recipe
So simple with minimal preparation. Should you decide to skewer them, remember that wood/bamboo skewers need to be soaked in water first. Also, check out our BBQ tips for the basics on preparing your prawns. And most importantly, keep your eyes on these babies as they will cook in a flash on the grill!

A big cheers to all who are celebrating St. Martin’s Day!

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