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Spitroast – A Christmas in July Feast!

This week’s blog post has been written by Bill from the Lockyer Valley Travellers Caravan Club based on their latest adventure and a spit roasted Christmas in July feast!

“We had a very successful weekend with our first attempt at spit roasting.

Our spit was something to behold with various materials being provided by several members and all brought together by our genius ex-electrician who spared no expense to create a work of art.

We are only a small caravan club with 26 members so we had to resort to having joints of meat rather than a pig, which proved to be too expensive so we finished up with a rolled, boned shoulder of pork and a joint of beef.

3 put pork on spit_2
‘Pronging’ the pork

Because the pork was quite a large joint we chose to start that off first followed later by the smaller joint of beef. Welder’s gloves are a necessary accessory!

As you can see, the chimneys performed wonderfully taking just 40 minutes to achieve ‘ready status’.

5 chimneys_2
6 firing up the spit_2 Firing up the furnace!

We scooped the live coals to the sides of the spit base to force more heat upwards and allow dripping juices and fats to percolate through the mesh supporting the coals in order to cause minimum flare up. Any flare-ups were controlled by fingertip splashing of water on to the affected areas.

Out of Africa!
Out of Africa!

Overall cooking time for just over 6kgs of pork and 3kgs of beef was a little over five hours.

9 cooking ip_2
Both joints on the go watched over by our ex-executive chef

We used 15kgs of Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes but could probably have got by with maybe 10. The heat was a little too fierce at first and the pork crackling was VERY well done!

All in all, for our first attempt we reckon we did pretty well, nobody went to bed hungry, particularly after the Christmas pudding – well, it WAS our Christmas in July rally!”

Feeding the multitudes!
Feeding the multitudes!

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