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News from HEAT

As announced in July, Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes are now proud sponsors of the youth reengagement program HEAT. Chairman of HEAT, Tim Hansen, recently returned from a trip and was kind enough to send us this quick update…

“I have just returned from a two month road trip to Cape York Peninsula and have attached some photos of a meal we cooked at Captain Billy’s Landing.

After reaching what is known as the northern most tip of Australia, we set up camp and cooked ourselves the traditional Aussie roast lamb with veggies.


Using a camp oven and a bag of trusty Heat Beads® Briquettes we sat down, cooked ourselves a succulent roast dinner and watched the sun go down over this remote part of outback Australia.


I thought I’d share some photos from the trip. Enjoy!”




*Heat are hosting a 4 course Fundraiser Dinner to help the youth of St Kilda on Friday, October 8 from 7pm. Tickets are $85 and seats are limited. Click here for further details.