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Keepers of the Flame Episode 3 Recap

We can’t decide which episode of Keepers of the Flame – The Ultimate BBQ Adventure we love best – so many tasty tricks & recipes to choose from. Let’s do a run-down of BBQ recipes from Episode 3…

Swordfish Skewers BBQ Recipe
This is one of those quick and easy all-year-round recipes. The fusion of colours from the grilled pancetta, succulent swordfish, zingy lemon and fresh herbs make this not only tasty but damn good looking!

Keepers Swordfish Skewers

Betel Leaf Pork & Beef Rolls BBQ Recipe
A recipe by Vietnamese street food specialist, NamDo Quach, these finger-sized meat rolls make a unique entrée for your guests and a great introduction to grilling with betel leaves. According to NamDo, these special leaves have cinnamon, vanilla and pepper undertones which add incredible flavour to chargrilled food.

Keepers Betel Leaf Pork Beef Rolls

Mixed Seafood BBQ Recipe
This isn’t your everyday mixed seafood platter. Expect smoked pancetta and mussels cooked in Guinness, crayfish with Guinness infused butter, and scallops with blood sausage. Real BBQ means any and all ingredients make the cut!

Keepers Scallops Seafood

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