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How to match BBQ food with beer

Nothing beats our nation’s favourite pastime, the ‘great Aussie BBQ’, and what better way to wash the food down than with an ice-cold beer?!

Wine has most commonly been the focus of food and alcohol pairings, but now, with increasing numbers of small, independent brewers emerging with interesting, complex beers, it’s possible to complement your BBQ meal with just the right beer.

Just as the humble BBQ has evolved from ‘snags n’ chops’ to a means of creating gourmet feasts, so too has beer’s potential been recognised, as it becomes an accompaniment, a ‘dinner drink’.

So, which beer for your BBQ?

Naturally personal preference plays a part, but if you follow these food and beer matching guidelines, you’ll be able to impress family and friends at your next outdoor gathering with your recommendations (as well as enjoying the tastebud sensation for yourself!).

Roast meat dishes (e.g. lamb) and steak: amber ales, bitter (heavy beer styles)
Barbecued chicken: a pilsener complements the smoky BBQ flavour
Seafood: golden ales or lager
Spicy food: pilseners or pale ale

There’s also a synergy between beers and foods from the same country.

According to Beer & Brewer Australia magazine, ‘it’s about matching the weight, flavour or intensity of the beer with food, so enjoy mild beers with mild foods, robust beers with robust dishes and spicy, hoppy beers for hot and fiery feasts’. (Beer & Brewer Australia, Spring 2007.)

Don’t be afraid to experiment with pairing different beers and foods to determine what works best for you. Enjoy!

Australian Char encourages the responsible enjoyment of alcohol. Alcohol is only to be consumed by those over 18 years of age.