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How to Marinate Meat

Marinating meat does more than tenderise it, it adds another dimension of flavour to your food. A perfect marinade will be simple and quick to make, as you don’t want to complicate the flavour of your meat. You don’t want to use too much sugar as it will burn on the BBQ, or too much salt as it will dry out your meat.

For a simple, delicious marinade, follow Adrian Richardson’s tips (see video above right) for perfectly marinaded meat every time!

Into a plastic container, add fresh rosemary sprigs, chopped onion and some thin strips of sliced garlic. Then add your diced meat. You will also need a bit of liquid, and Adrian’s favourite is red wine, with a dash of sherry to bring out the flavour. Mix all the ingredients together and put it in the fridge overnight.

You could also try the following tried and true simple marinades:

  • Soy sauce, honey and sesame oil
  • Olive oil, lemon juice, dried oregano and/or rosemary
  • Tomato sauce, a little red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard

Dry rubs are also a great way to marinade your meats, as the meat will absorb the flavour and oils of the spices used. Rub the spices into the meat 20 minutes before cooking for best results.

Try Bob Hart’s All Purpose BBQ Rub Recipe for a classic rub that works on most meats.

*Video copyright Good Chef Bad Chef.