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How to Grill Fish

One of the best things about our job is getting to experiment with all the great BBQ tips we come across – and the ones below were no exception. Today we talk about some of our tried and tested tips for achieving perfectly succulent, grilled fish.

Start here…

– Always try and buy fresh fish – this means selecting fish that smells fresh, looks moist and has flesh that is firm to the touch. Never keep fresh fish for more than a few days. Ideally you’d want to be grilling the fish on the day it was purchased.

– What kind of fish can you grill? Thick steaks and whole fish are easiest to handle, but take longer to grill. Thick steaks of salmon, swordfish and tuna are popular grill favourites, as are whole fish like trout and red snapper.

– A medium to high heat is important when grilling as it sears the fish instantly, keeps it firm and seals in the juices. Always make sure your grill (and fish) is well oiled to prevent sticking.

– For whole fish, wrap the seasoned fish in foil and lay on the grill. Feel free to add vegetables and potatoes if you want to make a complete meal. This is the perfect form of no-mess grilling!

– Some people do enjoy grilling tender fillets like flounder and sole, but they are generally harder to handle and are more prone to breaking and falling through the grate. In these instances, use a foil packet as outlined above or a fish basket which can easily be purchased from most BBQ retailers.

– And of course, you can also BBQ fish using the plank grilling techniques we covered last month.

– How can you tell when fish is ready? It should flake easily when tested with a fork.

– Try Ben O’Donoghue’s Whole Fish Thai Snapper BBQ Recipe cooked over Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes from popular TV series Drive Thru Australia. He cooks the fish on baking parchment instead of foil (see video above right).

– If you’d prefer to start of with steaks instead, try this Char Grilled Salmon on Sweet Mash BBQ Recipe.

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*Image copyright Drive Thru Australia with Ben O’Donoghue.