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BBQ Tips from the Weber Grill Restaurant

According to Chef Neal Corman of the Weber Grill Restaurant, steak is one of the most difficult grilling foods to master. There are various methods used to determine the extent to which the steak is cooked. The first is the ‘touch’ method which can be difficult to master as everyone has a different perception of what feels ‘soft’ and so on.

However, as a general guide Neal states that…

Rare should be very soft when touched.

Medium Rare should feel soft when touched.

Medium should offer resistance when touched.

Medium Well Done should be firm when touched.

Well Done should be very firm when touched.

Another method for telling when your steak is grilled to your liking is to use a thermometer.

As a guide…

Red and cool on the inside 43 – 48°C

Medium Rare
Red and warm on the inside 48 – 54°C

Pink and hot on the inside 54 – 60°C

Medium Well Done
Slightly pink and hot on the inside 60 -65°C

Well Done
Cooked throughout 65 – 71°C

Weber Grill Restaurants has four locations across the US, so if you happen to find yourself in Illinois or Indiana, why not pop in for a bite to eat and a unique dining experience?

And here’s another tip we picked up at Steven Raichlen’s BBQU…

When cooking BBQ Ribs remember that they should NEVER fall off the bone; they should be tender enough for you to pull the meat off.