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BBQ Fire Safety Tips

We all know that when literally playing with fire, there are significant safety hazards. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, from 2004-05 exposure to fire/heat caused 5% (for males) and 7% (for females) of all injuries requiring hospital treatment. When you next pull out your BBQ for use you should follow these simple safety tips to make sure you have a successful and safe BBQ experience!

Here are our top 10 BBQ safety tips…

1. Most importantly: Burning BBQ fuel inside can give off carbon monoxide which has no odour and can kill you. NEVER burn BBQ Briquettes inside homes, vehicles or tents.

2. When returning to your BBQ after a long period of neglect; check it over for problems and clean it thoroughly including cleaning out all the old ash (make sure you don’t forget about the ash catcher) and making sure the grill plates are clean. Most importantly, if there’s rust forming on the grill walls, we’re afraid it’s time to wave goodbye to your beloved BBQ (keep your BBQ in a dry place such as a garage to avoid rust occurring).

3. Australian restaurateur Vlado Gregurek, suggests that a steel brush should be used to clean off all fat that may remain on the grill before lighting, as this can lead to excess smoke and even fire.

4. Place a heavy sheet of metal underneath your BBQ to catch grease splatters or as protection against sparks.

5. Coarse salt is useful for putting out a grease fire. However, if there is a real danger of the fire spreading, call 000 immediately for emergency assistance.

6. When using a Heat Beads® BBQ Starter or lighting Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes, remember to always use gloves and wear enclosed shoes for your protection. Learn more at How to light a BBQ Chimney.

7. Keep your grilling as an activity conducted out in the open – enclosed verandas, overhanging trees or nearby shrubbery can all be fire hazards.

8. Leave 30% of the grill free of coals to allow for a ‘safety zone’, as Steven Raichlen puts it, for your BBQ delights to rest in case of flare ups.

9. Never leave your BBQ unattended as this poses a fire risk and safety risks for children, or just those who have had a bit too much to drink at the family BBQ.

10. And finally, when the BBQ is over, close all the vents and leave the Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes to cool completely before removing. Never attempt to extinguish the Briquettes with water as this will only lead to dangerous amounts of smoke.

Once removed into a fireproof container (e.g. a galvanised metal rubbish tin with a tightly fitting lid), wait until the next day to dispose of the ash as live coals can last longer than 12 hours.

*Heat Beads® products are for outdoor use only and are to be stored in a dry place away from heat and open flame. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. In case of emergencies involving our product, phone +61 3 9706 6330. Should the matter be of medical emergency, please call your local Poisons Information Centre (Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 03 474 7000)

Please be fire safe at all times and be mindful of local fire bans in your area. Contact your local fire department to find out more.