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Your Guide To New Year’s

The first day of the New Year means a return to that yearly resolution we tend to conveniently overlook (especially during the festive season): Eating healthy.

But fear not, healthy doesn’t necessarily mean less tasty.Try these simple, guilt-free recipes for your New Year’s Day lunch…

And, for the day after…

Simple Hangover Cures
Here are some simple ways to help prevent a bad hangover as recommended by ABC News Health

  • Drink alcohol slowly and in moderation
  • Drink water in between drinks
  • Have a greasy meal before alcohol consumption (it’s supposed to line the intestines and prolong alcohol absorption)
  • Have some coffee the day after

Please enjoy responsibly – never drink and drive.


All in all, it’s been a crazy year for us and we thank you for coming along for the ride!
Have a safe and Happy New Year from the Heat Beads® Team!

*Image courtesy The Cooking Photographer