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A Cuban BBQ discovered during US travels & a camp oven gathering this weekend!

Julian Wu, Australian BBQ enthusiast, spotted this great BBQ unit on a recent trip to the US.


The La Caja China (Chinese Box) which, despite the name, is actually a Cuban barbecue is a wooden box, lined with aluminium. You can roast a whole 50kg pig in just 3-4 hours!

The aluminium stops the wood from burning by reflecting the radiant heat back into the box, and the wood also provides a layer of cladding against the wind so you don’t loose as much heat. You can also use it as an oven and grill simultaneously!

Camp oven gathering
this weekend!

Australian Camp Oven Cooking King aka Derek Bullock, is hosting a camp oven gathering this weekend, November 14-15 at the Gorge Camp Ground, Aratula, Queensland.

Derek said all are welcome just as long as you love camping and more importantly camp oven cooking!

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook.