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BBQ recipes for New Years

We have almost recovered from the craziness of hosting the family for Christmas and are looking to take in the New Year on a much smaller scale.

Here are our favourite BBQ Recipes for the occasion…

BBQ Prawns Recipe – A favourite year on year. If you’re using wooden skewers remember to soak them in water first.

BBQ Crayfish Recipe – Another one from our Top 10 All Time BBQ Recipes. The trick is to get your hands on the freshest possible crayfish and keep it simple.

Sticky Tasty Ribs Marinade – We love the fact that Brendan Sheedy admits to putting this together by simply combining the stickiest, tastiest ingredients he’d ever come across in a marinade!

And here’s a great tip from Mandy Diggins of Alstonville, NSW: Ask the guests to bring a plate each to share – that way they’ve got some delicious finger food to nibble on whilst you prepare the main. Thanks, Mandy!

Dear grilling friends, thanks for staying true to the cause this past year. It is our mission to continue to spread the gospel of chargrilling. We hope you’ll join us in our crusade through 2013!