Just starting out

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You'll be eating in no time!

BBQ fire pit

It’s just a regular day at Heat Beads® Headquarters when we all gather round to test another BBQ product – this time, a new fire pit from Denmark.

Fire pit BBQ starter

The round, open shape of the fire pit means friends and family can all gather round to do their own cooking with lots of elbow room to spare (especially great for our connoisseurs who are particular about how their meat is cooked!).

Fire pit

The neat, sleek finish of the product makes it a great addition to any backyard or garden. It takes almost zero time to assemble, doesn’t take up too much space and is a breeze to clean.

Fire pit sausages

The best part? After the food has been cleared, take off the grill, add some logs and pull up a chair around the fire. It’s time for toasted marshmallows and dad’s tinkling on his rusty guitar as you watch the flames lick the night sky. Ah, the good life…

Fire pit after cooking
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