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We’ve had a makeover!

We’re so excited to finally share our new website with you! The team has been working religiously behind the scenes and counting down to this very day. What a great start to the Aussie BBQ season!

Sit back, relax and take a leisurely browse through our revamped website. Sift through our new BBQ Recipes section, surf our new and improved BBQ tips, and check out all the other bits in your own time. Your feedback is what keeps us motivated – so drop us a line on Facebook to let us know what you think of our new look.

Remember, even though our website might look different, our commitment to providing the world’s greatest barbecue briquette remains the same.

And here are a few more things that will never change…

– Cooking over Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes gives you that real BBQ taste.
– The high, dry heat of cooking over coals caramelises proteins in meat and plant sugars in vegetables resulting in a tender, tasty, char grilled meal every time.
– People who love to cook love Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes.

Cheers to another fabulous BBQ season!