BBQ Spit Tips

Learn the secrets to a great BBQ spit from Mr. Spithouse himself, Terry McEvoy.

BBQ Spit Tips

Inspired by Lebanon’s quest to create the longest BBQ spit in the world – and our plain ol’ love for a succulent lamb spitroast – our focus for this week is tips for BBQ spits. Nobody knows this cooking style better than Terry McEvoy of Spithouse.

In a style of humour only Terry is known for, here are his top 5 tips…

Marinate your meat… or make something to baste it with while cooking. The flavours you get from a spit are already great, but once you add a BBQ marinade or a honey & soy glaze, you will do back flips to get a bit in your gob!

Go MAD… Try different flavours in your cooking. Some of my favorites are Vegemite on lamb, using pickles under the skin of the roasting chicken and a honey mix on pork fillets.
Live on the edge… I remember one time… I tried a weird beer. I won’t fall for that again!

Eat vegies… (My wife, the vegetarian lioness, made me put that one in!). However, roast potatoes in the coals are bloody great. Wrap the spuds in foil with a knob of butter and a bit of crushed garlic. Whack them in the coals for about 45 minutes. That will keep her quiet for about 30 seconds!

Don’t rush! Spit roasting is a slow cooking style. Get prepared. Make sure the meat is pretty well balanced on the spit, make sure you have your basting brush ready and most importantly, have a couple of cold stubbies at hand.

Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes
The one thing that stuffs everything up is the wrong fuel. Too hard to light, not hot enough, too much flame, a bad smell, or they don’t last long enough! As I say on my website, stick with Heat Beads® Briquettes.

Ready to try? Have a go with Terry’s Aussie Lamb Roast BBQ Recipe (see video above right) or his version of Teriyaki Chicken: Terry’s Yucky Chicken BBQ Recipe.

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