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CampMaid Camp Oven Solutions – coming in Australia!

UPDATE: Please visit for more information and to place your order!

Heat Beads® is proud to have partnered with CampMaid® to bring their innovative Camp Oven solutions to Australia for the first time.

Featuring a range of products designed to make the camp oven cooking experience easy and safe, the CampMaid® products also allow your greater variety in what you can cook.

The CampMaid® range will be available from mid-December – be sure to check back for details of how you can purchase!

  • The CampMaid® Multi-Tool can be used to lift the lid of your camp oven with the coals still on top, holding it securely and off the ground. It can then be used as a stand for serving, keeping food warm and your hands free.
  • The CampMaid® Charcoal Holder holds your coals in place for a direct heat source to your camp ovens. It creates a wind break for your coals and an even heat distribution when you cook on top of it.
  • Flip your Multi-Tool upside down and squeeze the handles on the Charcoal Holder to clamp onto the notches on the Multi-Tool shaft. Be sure to line them up correctly so the charcoal holder clamps on securely, you can slide it up or down for desired heat. Place your camp oven lid on top and you’ve now got a skillet.
  • The CampMaid® Flip Grill is also multi-purpose – use it as a grill on top of your Multi-Tool, place it in your camp oven and use it to steam vegetables or fish, or place your camp oven upside down on top and use it as a smoker.
  • The CampMaid® Kick Stand is designed to safely remove the lid from your camp oven, and securely stands in place to keep it and your cooking area clean. It suits all sizes of lids and is a great way to cool them down after cooking.
  • The CampMaid® range is designed for easy storage in a 12 inch or larger camp oven.

Available now, exclusively brought to Australia by Heat Beads®!